Curriculum Journey:

In content-based lesson the teacher use active-learning strategies to reach his goal that students can learn the content of the lesson.

With the help of the following the path of the activities, students could learn content of the lesson.

Keeping students motivated and interested are two important factors underlying content-based learning. Motivation and interest are crucial in supporting student success with challenging, informative activities that support success and which help the student learn complex skills. When a student is motivated and interested in the material he is learning, that student makes greater connections between topics, elaborations with learning material, and can recall information better . In short, when a student is intrinsically motivated that student does better in school. When a student does better in school, he perceives himself to be successful, gaining positive attributions which will continue a circular learning pattern of success and interest. "Situational interest, triggered by environmental factors, may evoke or contribute to the development of long-lasting individual interests". Because content-based learning is student centered, one of its goals is to keep student interested and motivation high by generating stimulating content instruction and materials.

When it comes to the evaluation, the teacher will evaluate if the student. Also, the students will get grade according to each person’s performance in the during the lesson activities. Their grades will be based on the exams or the class activities' preformance.

CEIT-419 Personal Project

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