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  • Activity 1:

Gathering information about security risks on the internet from different websites. The instructor will make a short introduction about the security risks of the information technologies. Then, he/she will ask students whether they have faced with such a problem. After this, the students will be asked to visit website to collect information about possible harmful things for their computers. The teacher will lead students to get information and the teacher will help students when they have questions about computer security.

  • Activity 2:

In order to make it more concrete the teacher will use some videos to make students aware of the possible problems. The instructor will choice two or three suitable videos from website and will ask students to watch them. In these videos students will understand the topic better and they will have fun while learning. In order to assess students progress the teacher will make a discussion about the possible ways that are suggested in these videos. Also, the students will make a review of the ways to be protected.

  • Activity 3:

At the end of the lesson the teacher will let students to play one of the four games from interactive website. In this site students will check their knowledge and will have fun.

CEIT-419 Personal Project

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